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  • we don't blame consumers for failing to buy so don't blame voters for failing to vote. give us something believable nstd 2012-10-09
  • a house that just came on the mkt. it is worth up to 120k. they are asking 48k. id buy it, but its only available to 1st time buyers. mu ... 2012-09-30
  • this year halloween fell on a weekend. me and quinti boy was trick or treatin 2012-09-15
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A Conversation With A Customer

I had a very human conversation with a white customer of mine yesterday. She was upset that Blomberg walked, because she thought it was a clear case of brutality, but she resented the fact that racism was implied by the protesters, because some whites get harassed too. I shares some of my perspectives, and the fact that I had experienced minor physical harassment as a youth and that I had witnessed much a much harsher physical attack against a friend of mine. I told her I could not fathom that race is not involved in brutality, but that all in all I thought it was a case of race, class and gender. I don’t think that I convinced her. She agreed that classism existed, but she really could not accept the idea of racism. I told her about some of my mom’s experiences at Woodlands Mall, and she thought it was “terrible,” but remain unconvinced. She did think that Mexicans should learn English. I told her in a polite tone that whites never learned the native language and that they have done just fine for themselves. That actually seemed to make her think some. This was just an interesting exchange that I thought I would share.

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