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Since our inception, La Raza Justice Movement has known that we would one day become a different organization in name and in substance. This is written into our founding document_ We are not ready for this change just yet, but we are headed toward that end.

At the first floricanto that we sponsored, we recognized the fact that we have been separated from this society by its policies, and that we must begin building independently if we are to hope for our survival, restoration enlightenment and eventual rebirth! Statistics say that one in six so-called Latino males will end up in prison at least once during his life. HALF of all Latinos will contract diabetes in his or her lifetime. If these statistics don’t speak to our separation, I am not sure what might.

In the process of building our own nation, the first step must be spreading information that underscores the point of independence. All we must do is spread the truth with our mouths and with our pens. We are planning for our next floricanto tentatively on the first Sunday of November 2007. In the same spirit, we must create mechanisms with which to communicate with our people (in addition to the floricanto). This communication must have at its core the betterment of our community, but most of all it must stress independent, not reformist, solutions to our problems. This form of communication must touch on everything that is required by a nation to survive and prosper without the charity or approval of the powers that be. History has taught us that seeking their approval and their reform has gotten us very little.

So with this in mind, we must work toward a mechanism of communication with these goals in minds. It will begin as humble as our first floricanto, but it will grow. This form of communication must touch at least on the following points:

Health: Without accurate information on issues like the lead in our homes and junk food, we will never prosper. If you have ever been truly sick, you know that you can’t be a useful member of your nation while you are truly ill.

History: True history will be one of the foundations upon which we build our nation, just as most other nations build their nations upon their history

Ethics: Many of our people are lost because we have nobody from our own ranks teaching proper ethics, teaching us what to keep and what to throw away from this system.

Economics: We must provide the tools to survive and prosper in our current economy, and we must promote independent economics as a part of this survival strategy. As long as the hand that feeds us is the hand of our opressor, we won’t work very well on independent strategies.

Culture/spirituality: Culture is the living portion of our history, and it is forever intertwined with spirituality. Any nation requires this for the growth of its own soul.

Justice: There will be times when we must confront the oppressor, perhaps not to reform, but to keep his hands off of us. Issues of physical survival and physical freedom should take center stage.

“Foreign” relations: Most especially the elders of our community recognize the importance of reaching out to the struggles of other countries.

I am personally asking for help with two things: 1) help with expanding the list of areas necessary to build our nation. 2) names of individuals, including perhaps yourself, of people who have expertise in some of these areas as well as time to contribute to gathering the information in these areas that we will need to communicate to our gente. We need information gatherers so that we may do the work of presenting it to our gente.

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