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Honduras Right-Wing Coup In Honduras

Here is the complete statement from Union del Barrio regarding the coup

Our Most Sincere Solidarity to the Honduran People and the Legitimate Government of Manuel Zelaya
June 28, 2009

The sister republic of Honduras currently faces a brutal campaign brought about by the most reactionary sectors of the country. The goal of this campaign has been the violent overthrow of the democratically elected government of Manuel Zelaya. This terrible situation represents the return of brutal military barbarism to our continent.

Over the past several days it was possible to see the unfolding of this coup d’etat by simply reading the increasingly aggressive newspaper opinions and viewing the televised transmissions of the right wing media – and this morning the act was consummated.

There can be no doubt that the right wing and the Honduran oligarchy has used its most backward methods in an effort to mobilize all its strength, including reactionary elements within the Honduran military, in an effort to block the realization of a democratic consultation scheduled to take place today. The national referendum was seeking the people’s participation in defining the constitutional future of the country.

Our continent has survived the brutality of military coups. We understand completely the enormous cost required in the struggle for democracy. Too many have lost their lives in that struggle, too many have been disappeared, too many heroic struggles have been waged – all to permit a handful of reactionary elites to impose their will, and brush aside the sacrifices and the victories of the people of Latin America.

President Zelaya has not resigned, and therefore continues to be the President of the Honduran people, and will continue to enjoy the popular support of the Honduran people, the support of the people of Latin America, as well as the support of democratic partisans of the international community.

The people have maintained a historical memory. It is the infamous reactionary minorities that are mistaken when they believe that the people of Latin America will permit such a vile offense against the popular mandate of democracy. Such aggression must not be permitted in the face of the great democratic leaps currently unfolding across Latin America in our struggle to secure dignity, justice, democracy, and self-determination of all our nations.

It is evident even now, well into the twenty first century, that the sinister hand of empire continues guiding the efforts of right wing coup plotters against our people’s. With this effort in Honduras they seek to turn back the democratic advances of the people of Honduras and Latin America as a whole. These destabilizing schemes have been actively initiated against Venezuela and Bolivia, as well as maintained permanent aggression against Cuba. And other forms of media aggression have been launched against any government that has refused to accept orders from the imperialist power of the north.

From the open wound otherwise known as the northernmost border of Nuestra América, Unión del Barrio extends our most sincere solidarity to the Honduran people and the legitimate government of Manuel Zelaya.

We call on our membership, young people, progressives, intellectuals, workers, and all barrio residents to denounce this military coup, to help block the Honduran oligarchs from usurping the presidency of Honduras, and resist those who seek to deny Honduras the right to define its own political destiny.

Comité Central,
Unión del Barrio

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