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Save UH Mural

Some students and staff at UH have provided alarming information that the Chicano mural at the UC, painted during the historic Chicano Rights Movement, might be removed due to proposed renovations at UC.

Please sign this petition, which we plan to use in organizing to make sure that the mural stays up.

We, the undersigned, are opposed to the destruction of the mural at the University of Houston's University Center.

The mural is historic and symbolizes the political awakening of the Chicano community. It was completed at a pivotal point in the history of this country, and it is a testament to this history.

Its removal would be a travesty and a mark against UH.

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Hector Chavana Jr,
The removal of the mural would be a slap in the face of our community and overt censorship in an effort to white wash the university in pushing for Tier 1 status. UH...Chicano Students ARE Tier 1 and so is our mural

Diana L.Joe,
Leave the people's legacy be! Our children of La Raza movement's need to visualize to harmonize! Murals are a vital and major part of pride and dignity! Stop the destruction!

Marianela Acuña,

stephanie caballero,

Abraham Espinosa,
The mural must stay!

tonatzin Roman,
I am a UH alumni. That Mural is a significant part of UH History and Chicano History. Please reconsider this move as it reflects poor judgement on the part of UH administration that touts multicultralism as an asset when recruiting new students. A well rounded University campus should reflect the contributions of ALL of its students. This Mural reflects that mission.


Armando Walle,

Claudia Chavana,

Deborah Shafto,
This is an important piece to more than one community. Its historic message should be neither erased nor defaced.

Maria Jimenez,
Keep the mural and place a marker recognizing its historical significance for the UH systema and the Latino community.

Gloria Rubac,
I remember helping the noted Chicano muralist Leo Tanguma paint the mural of Chicano history in the University of Houston Student Center down in the Cougar Den in the early 1970's. This was at a time when the newly awakened and politicized Chicano movement was at its height. It is beyond comprehension that this artistic expression of cultural pride and true historic realization could ever be destroyed. Please do not destroy the mural. I hope my grandchildren and great grand children will be able to learn from this mural which was painted in the grand Mexican tradition of Diego Rivera and David Siqueiros. DO NOT DESTROY THE ART OF THE CHICANO NATION. PRESERVE IT FOREVER!

Freddie Porras, Jr,

Laura Perez-Boston,

Deniz Lopez,

Jose Pedraza,

Aimee L\'Heureux,

Carlos Cantu,

Rosalia Guerrero,

I did not attend U of H but am familiar with the mural. It is more than a mural, it symbolizes a part of our past and serves as inspiration for future generations. When my eyes first fell upon it, I felt a sense of pride and encouraged students to consider UofH because I felt the university was aware of & respectful of our and the cultures of others.

John R. Herrera,

Melissa Cantu,

Edwin D. Munoz,
I am extremely upset that this action would even be considered. The Chicano is such a hidden part of American History, & getting rid of historical murals like the one at UH is just another slap in the face to Chicanos. Dr San Miguel, himself, is part of such history. I wonder what his opinion about this horrendous act is?? Please, from a UH Grad, stop this non-sense.

David Wager,
I remember volunteering with the Program Board in the 80's as a student at UH. I was moving equipment around the UC into the Cougar Den as it was then called. I was stopped dead in my trax by this incredible piece of art. The sad part was that it was considered "controversial" and a wall had been built in front of it so that no one could see it. Not only should it be saved, but it should be displayed prominently!

Susana Barbosa,
I am a current student at the University of Houston and this mural is significant to me as well as many other students!

Sonya E. Garza,
The Chicano mural has significant meaning not only to the Chicano community on campus, but also the campus as a whole. Removing this historical work of art would be robbing these communities of enrichment and identity.

Protect this mural.

Luis Medellin,

Zack Leal,
As an artist this disturbs me greatly. Destroying any piece of art is the act of destroying human expression and is a very cold and almost inhumane act to deny the existence of an extension of part of what makes us human.

Hope sanford,
University of Houston will do itself and our city a great disservice by destroying this historically important mural at this equally historically important time in our state and country.


Evangeline Teresa Uresti,
Exactly what does this say of the decision makers who think that destroying a part of culture and history is okay for renovations to make something "better?" Simply that it may have no significance to you, it's okay to be destroyed? Did you forget how diverse this campus is, and that each display of pride in the community only adds to cougar pride as a whole? Shame on you all.

Liana Lopez,
All the Tier 1 schools I know flaunt their traditions and history to the point of annoyance! They embrace them and brag about school history like they're brainwashed. As I understand, this was one of the first UH murals created by its own students and it IS VERY POOR judgment on the part of UH to dismiss its importance (or leave it up to students to make that decision.) UH should especially be looking to preserve its historic multicultural exhibits. I'm sure those architecture students we all brag about can come up with an idea for preservation if the firm UH is paying to build the new UC can't!

Jose P. Bustamante,
This type of racist white washing is what caused Camarada Leo Tanguma to abandon Houston. HANDS OFF THE MURAL !

Joe Compian,

Monica Rodriguez,

Henry Cooper,

matthew loughran,

Carla Hulsey,

Sarah Cooke,
This happened all the time at my university, don't let it happen at UH.

Jeff Waller,

Gary Ervin,
Removing the mural will only create harsh feelings. While it's true US culture is known for its short memory, Chicano culture is not.

Roberto San Miguel,
history must no be obliterated

Sonny Sosa,
This is a historical piece, it should be preserved for future generation to reflect and remember.

Cherie Gorman,
This mural should be preserved for our future!

Quetzal Guerra,

Jackie Aguilera,
Tier 1 should not mean removing the foundation upon which such distinction was built - the campus' diversity and culture that reflects the city itself. This is not just a mural - it's a part of UH identity.

Howard Cash,
As an alumni I am saddened that UH would like to join the tradition of Rockefeller's destruction of Diego Rivera's murals by disappearing this historic and meaningful work of art.

Dr. Tish Stringer,

Bill Lambert,

Hector Cruz,
Please do not remove the mural .

Diana villa,
save the mural. i go to this school and it exemplifies the diversity that UH is known for.

Mr. Antonio W. Maldonado,
My name is Antonio Maldonado, I am a future student of U of H Central I am currently the Secretary for the HCC Southeast Mexican American Latino Student Association and am majoring in Mexican American Studies at HCC Southeast, and I will be attending U Of H Central Campus in the Fall of 2013 and I can't imagine being there and not seeing one of the most famous murals in the State of Texas. It should be a land mark, it is a piece of our History and should be preserved for future students to see. .

James Hornback,
To honor the strivings and struggles of an American cultural entity.

Sylvia L. Gonzales,
I support the legacy and the historical history of the Chicano Art, which we don't have many here in Houston

Hugo Castro,

Dolores Colunga-Stawitz,
Let's honor the diversity and history of our community. Let the mural remain where it is.

Karla Flores,

Ruben Angel Reyna,
My name is Ruben Angel Reyna. I am one of the two artist, who along with my good friend Mario Gonzales, painted the Chicano Mural in 1973. The mural was painted with the intent to educated all about the struggles and history of our hispanic heritage. It is beyond my comprehension that such an important part of our history could ever removed from the wall of the University of Houston. The mural should not be removed and I encourage all to support this cause. Que siga lucha
Ruben Angel Reyna

I am a native Houstonian...and we have seen many historical things removed from our City. Please allow this piece of art to remain for all to view.
Thank you

Henry Tolen Hilliard, Jr.,
To U of H Administration:

Allow this historical landmark to remain a part of U of H's history!

Frank E. Castillo,
As a 1976 UH alumnus I not only support the restoration of this historic art piece, but request that the mural be made the centerpiece of any renovation effort by the University.

I was one of the people who made a contribution to the mural. Please do not remove or whitewash the mural. Thank You.

tom mitchell,
Even if you disregard the historical significance of the mural it is beautiful and must be preserved. Houston has destroyed too much of it's history and beauty.

Yolanda Navarro Flores,
It is sad that so much of what reflects the essence of our community is deemed insignifcant and is being stripped off the face of this earth without regard for us or our history. Tanguma created the mural to show our struggles and accomplishments  if the mural is removed what are we then? Just a blank space?? Not worthy of recognition? UH please reconsider your decision. 

Conrad moreno,
I fought in Vietnam not only for my country and my fellow comrades, but for people to be able to express their feelings through the arts. America has many historical pieces of art and this is one of them.

David Montejano,

Gilberto Ocañas,

Silvia Vera,

Manuel vera,

Reina Vera,

Selenia Paz,

Ann Marie Alaniz,
I am Mario R. Gonzales' daughter. My father, his very good friend Ruben A. Reyna, along with countless others of the Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO) of the 1970's painted this mural to make a statement that Mexican Americans thrive on the University of Houston campus and this mural is only the beginning for future generations. Allowing this mural to be destroyed by the UH administration is basically saying that we no longer care about the rights of the Mexican American people or any people of Hispanic descent currently attending UH.

I am very proud of the work my father did on this mural in 1975. I make sure to tell all people that I know that attend UH to visit the Cougar Den and see his work. I was very honored and proud of the speech Mario R. Gonzales and Ruben A. Reyna made on January 17, 2012. I thank all who attended and showed their support for saving the mural.

The university can no longer claim diversity if it continues with the destruction of the mural entitled "La Marcha por la Humanidad." Please save my fathers work and continue to sign this petition.

God bless you and thank you for your support!
Ann Marie Alaniz

Ashlyn Alaniz,
Mario R. Gonzales is my grandfather. I am a latina attending UH. I was shown the mural before I even owned a backpack and even then could not believe my grandpa helped to paint that beautiful work of art. I stand in front of it and I feel very proud but tears fill my eyes at the same time, thinking that my past could be tampered with and my children may never see this.

Mario R. Gonzales,
“ La Marcha Por La Humanidad “ (The March For Humanity)
It is surprising to many people how little we Mexican-Americans know about our own history. Most know little about who we are, where we came from, and the richness of what we bring to this country. But when we consider the stories of the people depicted in the mural, “ La Marcha Por La Humanidad ,” we begin to understand the bravery the determination required of these people, who forged a new way of life for us all.
The history of the Mexican-American is the history of Texas and the United States of America. ” La Marcha Por La Humanidad “depicts the history and the struggles of my people from pre-Columbian times to present day America. The bold iconography and striking color of the mural tells us who we are today, it tells us who our neighbors are, and it tells us how we got to the place we are today.
The Chicano Mural, now found in the Cougar Den of the University Center at the University of Houston, was an artistic endeavor orchestrated in 1973 by Mario R. Gonzales and Ruben A. Reyna. The artists greatly appreciated the assistance provided by many students/ members of M.A.Y.O., the Mexican-American Youth Organization in helping to raise the funds needed to execute the mural project, and in helping the artists to complete the mural project.
The funds raised were instrumental in allowing Mario to travel to Mexico to study relevant history, visit museums, and review other historical art in Mexico. During these travels, Mario was honored to meet and had the opportunity to assist and study under Maestro David Alfaro Siqueiros, a great artist and muralista, now deceased.“ La Marcha Por La Humanidad “was the title of Maestro Siqueiros last mural. The Chicano mural is dedicated to Maestro Siqueiros.
The Chicano mural depicts a vivid example of the history and the struggles of the people who lived here long before the United States existed. We Mexican-Americans are the descendants of these people.
The indigenous Mexican-American was here before our Founding Fathers even immigrated to this land. It is important for indigenous Mexican-Americans to understand our complicated history. We need to distinguish our history from today’s controversial immigration question, which presents very different issues. The history of the indigenous Mexican-American contributes to and enriches the melting pot that America has become. It was always America’s destiny to become a Nation of all Nations.
Diversity is America’s greatest asset. It was God’s Plan long before 1492. I am truly grateful that God gave me the opportunity to illustrate the history of the Mexican-American contribution to American diversity on a mural wall at the University of Houston, where it can be viewed by the most diverse audience of students, deans and professors. Thank you God!
Please join us and sign the petition to ‘Save the Mural’ because the moving of the mural will jeopardize its integrity and will mean its destruction.
To Sign the petition on-line go to: search bar: Chicano Mural
To view a video go to:
To view and /or purchase copyright photographs go to:
Password: 37211-mural

David Morales,


Jacobo Kupersztoch,
Allow Chicanos to be proud of their cultural inheritance preserving the Mural.

Adrian Rocha,

Although I don't go to U of H, I will support the saving of this mural. Houston is my hometown and I don't want any piece of history to be taken away or removed from the great city that is Houston.

It is imperative to preserve this mural!

Rocio Villalobos,

gilbert gonzalez,

Roberto R. Calderon,
Chican@ and Latin@ students, faculty, staff and the growing and coming demographic majority deserve to have the University be representative of their own past, present and future. Leave great art alone. Keep the Chicano Mural in Cougar Den! Si Se Puede!

Leticia Anaya,
Chicano History needs to be preserved, specially if it is located in a community that has a large population of Hispanic people. I believe the university will cause more ill will among this population than what it will gain by moving the mural.

Aaron Herridge,

Gregorio Ayala,
The University of Houston is a very diverse university and as such should allow the mural to stay up so as to celebrate the rich culture of the hispanic/chicano student body.

Gene Malixi,


Flower Sifuentes,
This mural is of great historic importance and displays struggle that everyone may relate to, not just a particular group.

Diane Elizondo,

Matt Partida,
I too am a San Jacinto graduate in 1968, toured Vietnam in 1969 and 70, and I want to make sure the mural stays up.

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