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We Are At Dawn, Not At Dusk

From a conversation in a facebook group.

We, as a people, are yet children in Our Restoration. What do children do if not copy those who came before them?

This thought dawned on me today. Mostly, we think negatively about our situation today. We look at ourselves as colonized, mentally poisoned and lost. “Sad” as you say. This is how I have seen ourselves. But today I was filled with hope at the realization that there still exists the revolutionary decolonization within us, plus an emergence of lo cultural, La Mexicanidad. We are living not at the end of colonization, but at the begining of our rebirth, even though we are at a childish or infantile stage in this rebirth. We are babies, maybe one or two generations into this new era. When we look at babies, we smile, and wonder who/and what they may become. We don’t look at them and feel sad that they cannot yet walk. It gave me an inverse way of looking at things. Though we might not see where this child may go, we are living in blessed and historical times that we have witnessed his/her birth. Ometeotl.

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